Monday, 11th September 2017

The Customer Journey: Experience Evening Forum


Evening Forum at The Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London

In the experience economy, the need for companies to keep pace with evolving customer needs increases at every turn: the customer journey you create is now the single most significant factor in differentiating your brand from the rest. Cross-industry insight and opinion on topics such as:
• Personalisation
- data, context, accuracy, appropriateness and insight
• Cross-channel consistency
- joined-up experiences, single customer view
• Predictive journeys
- anticipating customer needs and acting upon them
• New technologies
- process automation, the IoT and smart digital evolution

Evening Forum Overview

The environment is intimate with leaders and innovators from major brands sitting together at 6 - 8 roundtables sharing insight and experience. By drawing together a genuine peer audience from across a range of industries, different perspectives are offered, creating a uniquely rich environment
to stimulate analysis and innovation.

An independent facilitator opens the agenda, setting out the evening’s goals, linking sessions and encouraging interaction.

The agenda comprises two parts:

- The first part is more structured with a Panel session and Keynote sessions providing a strategic overview and insights around the programme main theme and topics.
- The second part is freeform, with each table exploring key issues and challenges in more depth with peers across industry sectors for wide-ranging perspectives and in-depth debate.

Throughout the evening individuals adopt roles of explorers, connectors and collaborators to ensure wide participation, contribution and engagement from everyone.